CPP - Cost Per Page

Tired of paying high prices for all of your consumables every time they run out? Do you cringe at having to pay over a thousand dollars every time you need to refresh a set of toners for your color printer? We totally understand.

With the Printers Plus | Label Plus Cost per Page (CPP) program you can eliminate the need for paying up front for your consumables and instead combine all of the supplies costs into one easy per page cost. It’s pretty simple, you pay one low cost per page that includes all of your supplies and at the end of the month you get an invoice for only the number of pages printed. The best part is that we remotely monitor your device and we will send you the supplies before you run out. That means no more ordering on your part!

Our CPP program helps balance your productivity needs with your budget requirements. They offer a risk-free, inclusive cost-per-page solution that delivers value, predictable costs and peace of mind.

Cost Per Page Program

We offer two options to suit the different needs of our clients.

  • All Inclusive
  • Supplies Only
  • This option includes all of your consumables including Toner, Drums, Fusers, Maintenance Kits, Imaging Units plus Unlimited Onsite Service at no charge.

    The name says it all. Everything is included. You’re 100% risk free.

  • This option includes all your Toner and Drums at no charge. All other components and service that may be required will be provided on a billable basis.

    Same as toner only, except this is for color printers.

CPP Advantages

  • Eliminate Purchase Orders – No need to place orders as we proactively send you supplies using our industry leading fleet management tool.
  • Eliminate Inventory – No need to stock extras on your shelf as we will always have stock sent to you just in time.
  • No Capital Dollars – Since you’re paying per page you never have to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on supplies at a time. You simply pay for what you print at the of each month or quarter.
  • Simplified Billing – You only pay for what you print. To the penny!
  • Unlimited Service – No need to pay for unexpected service calls that weren’t budgeted. If you choose the All Inclusive option you receive unlimited service.