Label Stocking Agreement

For many years, we have been able to satisfy the needs of our partners, by planning and delivering on time! Our label stocking agreement gives you the ability to realize large quantity price discounts, without having to store large quantities of labels. You estimate your label needs for the year, we make one large purchase for the year, and store them for you, in our warehouse.

We then ship your supplies to you, on request, in smaller lots, for the duration of the agreement.

You never have to worry about price fluctuation, running out of stock, delivery delay, or storage. Price is locked-in for the duration of your contract. Your product is stored safely, and you can pick from any of our flexible delivery options to get the goods to your door.

Our delivery is only 3-5 business days for businesses in the Lower Mainland.

You will only get invoiced for the amount you pull from your stock each time.

To ensure that we continue to have goods on hand, we will advise you when the stock level is below 15%. When new stock is ordered to replenish inventory, a new stocking agreement will be established.